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Minor Accident?

Below is a list of the five car parts we see most commonly damaged by car accidents:

1) Front Bumper:
2) Rear Bumper
3) Front Grille
4) Hood
5) Headlights, Driving/Fog Lights

Other casualties may include Radiator, Inner Fenders, Air Conditioning, Battery,
Wheels and Tires and more.....

If you are a "do it yourselfer" or have a friend who can help you "ALL" of these parts for most any vehicle are available from us, usually next day!!

Please email your parts list to info at americangraffitiautomotive dotca
Also, include year, make, model, sub model and any other information you think would help along
With your contact information and we will reply as soon as possible with our best pricing.

American Graffiti Automotive
416 McArthur Ave
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